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☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
10 February 2012 @ 10:47 am

I didn't bring him home with me though D:
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽

I think the shirt will look cool on my Mamoru doll. I just can't bring myself to remove it from its packaging. Darn it ^___~;
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
02 September 2011 @ 09:10 am
Some things about Blood-C and its protagonist that boggle my mind:

Why is the story so unbelievably slow?

Why does Kisaragi Saya always wear her school uniform to fight the Elder Bairns? She'd be out patrolling or she'd rendezvous with an Elder Bairn in the middle of the night dressed in her school uniform. I suppose its colours are convenient -- bloodstains aren't noticeable -- but still...

Why is her reaction time incredibly slow? She'd only draw her sword just as everyone, or nearly everyone, gets slaughtered. Whenever she says "I will protect everyone," I roll my eyes.

When someone, especially if it's her friend/classmate, dies, she'd be sad for a few moments or for one episode. Later on, she'd be singing a happy little tune.

All that blood splatter... I can't help but wonder whether she'd catch something from the Elder Bairns she kills.

I won't be watching it anymore, that's for sure.
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
12 June 2011 @ 03:22 pm
I managed to bring Victini, the firepower of my Pokemon White Team, to the Dream World. Huzzah! I never even thought I would be able to connect as I had tried several times in the past and failed. I played online for, like, half an hour. There wasn't much to do since it was my first time and I wasn't (and I'm still not) familiar with how the whole thing works.

Isn't it adorable? And guess what? I befriended/caught a Dreamworld Taillow!HELLSYEAH!!1 I'm gonna try going back tomorrow. Wish me luck =)
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
31 March 2011 @ 01:47 pm
I just had my first random encounter with a shiny pokemon on Pokemon White. I actually took a video, but it was long and had crappy quality. (What can I say? I got too excited ^^;) So anyway, there I was, trying to level up my team on Route 15 so I can finally beat Cynthia's ass when I noticed my lvl 67 Scrafty was up against a greenish lvl 48 Fearow. I immediately switched to my lvl 59 Lilligant and used Sleep Powder on it. There was no way I was going to battle it; I didn't want it to faint after all. One pokeball later, and I caught myself a shiny Fearow. Hurrah! I don't really care about Fearow in general, but I will forever cherish this particular one ^____~;

aaack! a freaky birdie!

details, details!
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽

ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?! Good thing I only put in about a hundred hours. (I put in about three hundred in Platinum, jsyk.)


I just need to get Articuno and Zapdos and I'm done with Pokemon HeartGold. I don't feel like playing SoulSilver so I won't be catching Lugia, Groudon, Rayquaza, and Latios anytime soon. I'll probably give my DSL a much needed rest. Or maybe I'll play with my other unfinished, neglected games like A Witch's Tale or Disgaea. Decisions, decisions.

Oh yeah, here's a clip of me catching Suicune. No battling, because I'm lazy like that.

So anyway, I enjoyed watching Hunter x Hunter, but I had a problem with the Greed Island storyline. The majority of the players died and it was all because Ging Freecss wanted to mess up with his son's mind make his son enjoy the game? And Gon, who was all moral and shieeeettt (like, he didn't want Kurapika killing any more of the Spiders), wasn't even upset by all the senseless deaths his selfish father caused? And he didn't even avenge all the players who died at the hands of the Bomber? HOW EFFED UP IS THAT?!?

Gosh, if it weren't for Killua, Hisoka...


...and HISOKA'S BACKSIDE, I would have regretted watching the whole thing.
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
12 June 2010 @ 03:01 am
I can't get past level 6 of the Voltorb Flip Game in Pokemon HeartGold, but I don't mind. I've managed to collect about 7000 coins. They're enough to buy two Mr. Mimes. Why two, you ask? Well, I'm gonna transfer one to my Platinum game and stick it in a daycare with another Pokey. I want Mime Jr (for my Pokedex), darnit!

Anyway, I watched all 24 episodes of Blassreiter, a scifi/religious anime, and it made me cry. (Only two of the good guys survived!!!) I think it's better than Neon Genesis Evangelion. In Blassreiter, there's lots of action and the characters, even the antagonists, are well-developed. All I remember from watching NGE were the short fight scenes and a whiny Ikari Shinji.
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
29 May 2010 @ 11:19 pm
F went to Anime North yesterday and got me this Naruto Kyuubi plushie. Isn't it adorable?


I need to start watching Shippuden again, but I don't particularly like Sasuke so... -_-;
☽ vinylprinsesa ☽
22 May 2010 @ 01:12 am

To be honest I had a hard time defeating Lance's Dragonites. I only had two Revives and a few Super Potions left in my bag, but I hung in there ^____^


HELLS YEAH!!!1Collapse )

I've already defeated Lt. Surge and Sabrina and the Pokemon in my team are not even level 50 yet. Okay, I might have used Raikou and Entei, but whatever.

I'll be transferring my Espeon and Umbreon from Platinum to HeartGold later. I miss those dudes T^T

I'm feeling nostalgic. Here's a peekture of me becoming the League Champion in Platinum. Compare the time it took me to defeat the Elite Four and Cynthia. What an improvement, eh?